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Béatrice Bissara

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Béatrice Bissara

Béatrice Bissara is a French plastic artist, born in 1972, she lives and works in Paris.

Béatrice Bissara has always been very keen on the mechanics of the human body, and now she widens our range of vision by inviting us to wonder about identity, a pluralist identity, which builds itself in time and space. In an oneiric and sometimes surrealist mindset, the artist stages characters in a possiblemoment of turnaround, between cultural legacy and individuality, clues and semblances, visibility and invisibility.

Fascinated by the diversity of processes and led by her curiosity, Béatrice Bissara has consistently pushed her pictorial and sculptural artistic expression forward. Clay, as a carnal and sensual material, has stayed her favourite one for a long time. Alongside this visceral need to put her hands in the material, the artist, who has always been fascinated by scentifical and technical breakthrough, makes a dramatic shift in 2014 by combining in her creation process both the use of 3D-softwares and also the classical methods of creation, that are dear to her (such as clay, welded-iron structures, plaster, wax, ceramic, enamelling, oil painting and mixed techniques...)